Charlie Chaplin : The Natural Seducer

As a child growing up in England, Charlie Chaplin spent years in dire poverty, particularly after his mother was committed to an asylum. In his early teens, forced to work to live, he landed a job in vaudeville, eventually gaining some success as a comedian. But Chaplin was wildly ambitious, and so, in 1910, when... Continue Reading →

Make Your Needs A Priority

"I want you to know that I'm really uncomfortable with that thing we talked about last week." Lars, an anxiety-filled executive, began his second session of counseling with this statement. Lars had come to see me on the encouragement of his wife. He reported being generally depressed and unhappy for as long as he could... Continue Reading →

Norma Jean : The Sex Siren

Norma Jean Mortensen, the future Marilyn Monroe, spent part of her childhood in Los Angeles orphanages. Her days were filled with chores and no play. At school, she kept to herself, smiled rarely, and dreamed a lot. One day when she was thirteen, as she was dressing for school, she noticed that the white blouse... Continue Reading →

Casanova, The Ladies Man

”I have loved women to a frenzy,” the 18th-century writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova wrote in his huge memoir, ”History of My Life.” And indeed he did. By one count, Casanova made love to 132 women during his life, a large number, at least by the preinflationary standards of the day.

Don Juan: El gran seductor !

Don Juan, fictitious character who is a symbol of libertinism. Originating in popular legend, he was first given literary personality in the tragic drama El burlador de Sevilla (1630; “The Seducer of Seville,” translated in The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest), attributed to the Spanish dramatist Tirso de Molina. Through Tirso’s tragedy, Don Juan became an archetypcal character... Continue Reading →

Switching from Loser to Winner state.

Winners have some common traits. Once you start following those traits you can win the game of life. Trait 1: Attitude A study was conducted by Harvard university they found that when a person gets a job or promotion 85% of the time its because of his and 15% of the time because of his knowledge and intelligence.

I want it all, because I deserve it !

Simply saying that self-worth is the only thing that matters doesn’t give you anything tangible that you can use to improve your interactions, so here’s an anecdote to give you a little example of what that means in a practical application.

Ready to play the game ?

Dear reader…If you are here because you are seeking a one night plan and cheap tickets please just move on (kind of famous sentence you find in a girl Tinder’s profile). This Blog could be very misleading for many of you…if its interest is to get you prepared and give you directions for you next Night... Continue Reading →

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