7 Accessories Every Man Should Have

They say the only difference between boys and men is the size and price of their toys. Are you a young man either in campus or on your first job with relatively weak financial muscles? Would you like to stand out of the crowd? I have great news for you. You do not have to break the bank in order to join the men’s club. The following are 8 accessories every man should have!

1)    A wrist watch

For a young professional, a wrist watch is not just a fashion accessory; it exudes the demeanor of someone who is keen on keeping time. It’s utterly unprofessional for one to fumble into their pockets in search of a phone to check time especially during a presentation or a meeting hence the need for a wrist watch.

Wrist watches are of two kinds of movements, mechanical or electrical. Choose one that goes in line with your job personality and workplace. If you are an outdoors/sports kind of guy, a water resistant watch with electrical movement would be great. Pick one you are comfortable with regards to size and weight.


2)    Sunglasses

Sunglasses are required to be part of every sartorial man’s wardrobe. They not only protect the eyes from harsh elements but also accentuate one’s appearance. The most important factor to be used when choosing sunglasses is the shape of the face. If you have a strong, square jaw and wide cheekbones aviator style suits you best. For a round face, wayfarer sunglasses would be great, while round sunglasses go with an oblong face shape.

Skin color also plays a vital role in choosing the perfect sunglasses. In the age where fashion accessories are customized to one’s individuality, you can play around with colors. Generally, dark-skinned guys look good in brown sunglasses while dark-colored sunglasses suit best their light-skinned counterparts. Avoid purchasing the sunglasses knockoffs hawked in the streets as they lack the protective qualities that genuine sunglasses possess.



3)    A leather wallet

Leather wallets come in different shapes, colors and sizes. A trifold wallet is thinner hence has less capacity compared to the bi-fold which is quite bulky. Pick one that feels comfortable in your back pocket. If you are a guy who carries lots of plastic cards, different currencies and coins then you need a wallet with sufficient card slots and a coins compartment. For men who carry huge sums of cash that cannot fit in a wallet, a money clip would do just fine.



4)    A messenger bag

This is a leather work bag you can use to carry a laptop, work papers, and an extra shirt if need be. If your workplace is strictly professional then a black or brown leather messenger bag suits you best. If your workplace is rather casual then you are spoilt for choice; try the rustic styles. When purchasing a leather bag, ensure it comfortably fits your laptop and has protective padding to ensure its safety. Durability, practicability and the number of compartments available should also be streamlined to your needs.



5)    A leather belt

This is the kind of belt you put on when in formal attire. Choose a belt whose length is not either too short or too long, it should just go past the first loop. Pick one that has a ‘simple’ and moderately small buckle. The color of your belt buckle should match with your jewelry, cuff links, and tie tacks. Most belt buckles are either gold or silver in color.

The general rule is that brown shoes go with a brown belt and glossy belts should go with highly polished shoes.



6)    A pea coat or leather jacket

When choosing a jacket, size is the most important aspect. Choose one that flatters your body structure. The wrist length should not extend the actual wrist line.  Leather jackets should end at the waistline while pea coats (trench coats) should end just at the bottom of the hips. Motorcycle rider’s designer leather jackets are great for casual attire. For business attire, pick a black jacket. The color of the jacket mainly depends on the color of most of your clothes. If most of your clothes are bright colored then go for dark-colored jackets. However, if most of your clothes are earth-tone colors like beige then get a brown jacket.



7)    A Tablet-PC

Since a tablet has a bigger screen than a smartphone it’s easier to use when typing short documents and emails when on the move. Although a Tablet-PC cannot entirely replace you laptop-PC, it’s easier to carry if you like traveling light. You can use it to finish your work assignments on your way back home, read your favorite eBooks, record your thoughts and even store your most treasured pictures. Instead of trying hard to memorize your appointments or girlfriend’s birthday you can create a string of reminders on your Tablet-PC.

The market is now flooded with all kinds of Tablet-PCs. Choose one within your budget, size, and weight you are comfortable with, a capacity to store all your important stuff and in line with your personality.

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