How to dress like a gentleman

There are many aspects that go into being a superb gentleman, including work ethic, physical fitness, smarts and good morals. One of the biggest factors that goes into being a stud, however, is fashion sense. In the male world, you either are fashion conscious or you’re not. You either show up to class in oxfords and styled hair or pajamas and flip flops. It’s time to get your closet in check, and these are some of the best brands to do just that:

1. Johnston and Murphy

Every outfit has to go in line with your shoes. A nice pair of Johnston and Murphy dress shoes is a must have for when you want to dress for the interview or the date you have this Friday night. They are expensive, but if you commit to keeping them well maintained, Johnston and Murphy’s will last you a long time and keep you looking stylish.

2. Ralph Lauren

One of the most timeless brands out there is Ralph Lauren. The simplicity of the logo and quality of the clothing is present in the brand’s shirts, jackets, hats and other products. If you’re the kind of guy that chooses to advertise one brand and that brand only, Ralph Lauren is the best way to go. The collared shirt and pants or shirts is a style that looks good when you’re fifteen or fifty-five.

3. Levi’s

This is definitely a no brainer, but some solid jeans are essential to your wardrobe. A nice combination of light blue, dark blue and maybe even black jeans can go with an infinite amount of outfits. As long as you play it with the right combination of clothing choices, Levi’s will look good with almost anything.

4. Ray Bans

Sunglasses can make or break a look. While Ray Bans are a pricey brand, the quality and efficiency of their products is definitely noticeable. A classic pair of wayfarers or aviators are a solid choice that can go with almost any style. Ray Bans also have higher quality lens so that they block out the sun more efficiently so that you can actually see the girl you’re hitting on.


The last but most certainly not least essential part of an outfit is a man’s watch. They play a big part in making your outfit pop out more and giving your overall style a boost. One of the best watch brands that looks good and doesn’t break the bank is MVMT. They have a variety of different watches that look great and won’t cost you thousands of dollars. They’ve been picking up traction recently due to being so successful, so it’s definitely a positive brand to add to your wardrobe.

So there you are, you’re all set to go. Put on a new outfit, style your hair, put on your sunglasses in slow motion and go run the world. These five brands all cover essential parts of the average joe’s style that should be taken to heart and are definitely worth checking out.

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