Do Age, Money and Looks matter ?

With that said, age, money and looks don’t matter nearly as much as most men think. And if you’re aware of the effects of demographics, you can work around them and even work them to your advantage.

When it comes to age, studies show that men’s physical attractiveness peaks at around 31 (a luxury considering women peak around 21) and that our physical attractiveness recedes far slower than women’s does. Good news, studies have found that the average 45-year-old male is still considered as physically attractive as the average 18-year-old male.
The main reason is that studies have also found that women judge status far less based on actual physical dimensions and far more on style, grooming and how men present themselves. As men, we’re extremely lucky in this regard. Taking a man from a baggy beer T-shirt and ill fitted jeans to a nice suit with a professional haircut will immediately bump him up 50% in the looks department overnight, whereas with women it’s a constant and never-ending battle to maximize their physical appearance as much as possible.

Money is nice in that it demonstrates success and implies other positive attractive traits. But again, its utility is vastly overblown. When it comes to money, once again the surveys and studies have some interesting findings.


The first is that money/success matters more depending on your age. The older you are, the more money you’re expected to have and the more successful you’re expected to be in order to be attractive. The other finding is that the less wealthy SHE is, the more important money will be to her.

This is why the stereotypical gold-digger is usually a very beautiful young woman who grew up in poverty. Women who grow up with money or have money usually don’t care about it as much.

But the fact remains that women perceive men with money the same way we perceive women with good looks: as social status. How each woman defines social status and whether money is a part of that or not is going to vary.

For instance, in the high-end “trendy” night club demographic, ask yourself what kind of girl frequents a ridiculously overpriced night club so she can hang out with C-list celebrities every week and have random guys ogle her and buy her drinks?
A girl seeking a lot of social status… and for these girls, money matters. Success matters.

But most of all… Attractive behavior matters.

Which brings me to my primary point when it comes to age, money and looks. Again, it’s about the demographics.

Ask yourself which demographic of women looks or money are highly important for? Women who tend to value only good looks tend to be women who have only good looks. Women who are highly interested in money are going to be women who don’t have other interests or other things going for them.

I saw a quote recently that said, “Only lazy women are interested in men with money, because they don’t have anything else going for them.” What I’m saying is, women who only care about things such as looks and money are usually going to be women who you’re not going to be interested in or who aren’t going to make you happy. So you’re not missing out on much.

With that said, everybody values looks and success to a certain extent. So it’s not something we can write off completely. You should be as good-looking as you can possibly be. And you should be as financially successful as you can possibly be. And even the most interesting and well-rounded and psychologically healthy women are still going to prefer a good-looking and successful man to one who isn’t. All things equal, looks and money always increase your odds. But I would just add the caveat that you should be as good-looking as possible for you. You should be as financially successful as possible for you. These are just other avenues in which to invest in yourself.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple — Image by ©LWA-Stephen Welstead/CORBIS

So yes, looks and money matter, so the question is, how do they affect our results with the majority of women?

It’s simple: money, looks and success are all indicators of status. Women are attracted to status. Behavior is also an indicator of status. The more money/looks/success you have, the less attractive behavior you need. The less money/looks/success you have, the more attractive behavior you need.

Again, this kind of comes back to the concept of “game.” The idea of game is the idea that you can pick up any girl simply by your behavior, not by using social connections, wealth or good looks.

So if you’re short, or older, or not that good-looking, you can still theoretically attract any woman you want, it’s just going to take more attractive behavior.

Another way to think of this is that age, money and looks are universal demographics, and therefore lacking in any one of them is apt to cause extra friction everywhere.
But just because there’s friction, or just because there are less Receptive women is no excuse for not having success in the long run.

The vast majority of men who get hung up on looks and money get hung up on them because they’re using it as an excuse. It’s absolutely not a valid excuse. A guy who is good-looking or rich still has to work for his results, he just doesn’t have to work as hard as the next guy.

Trust me, I’ve coached hundreds of men who were far more professionally successful than me and far better-looking than me, yet I still get with more women and hotter women than them. Being good looking and being rich is worth nothing if you don’t do something with it. You can be the richest guy in the world, but if you behave like a timid, negative and weak chump, then women will still be repelled.

And as we had discussed before , anyone can be handsome and appear high-status if they put enough effort into it. So no excuses.


And of course, status is ultimately determined by demographics. At a college house party, a burly 20-year-old kid who crushes beer cans on his head is going to have a high level of status to the girls there. At an opening at a local art gallery, he is going to have almost none. A skinny bass-playing hipster is going to have high status at a local indie show and low status at a business-networking event. A successful stock trader who wears Armani suits is going to have high status at his firm’s annual Christmas party and little status at a hippy music festival.

It’s all relative. The key is to 1) recognize your personal interests and strengths, and 2) build upon those personal interests and strengths to quickly attract women in your preferred demographic.

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