Don’t Try to Convince Her

Logic and reason can be used to determine a course of action, but often men and women alike are motivated more persuasively by their emotions. Often we simply use our intellects to rationalize those emotional actions after the fact. To women, emotions are much more profound and encompassing than they are even to men. Because a woman’s attraction circuitry is calibrated less to a man’s physical characteristics than to his social, and hence survival, value, her emotions are at the center of her thoughts and actions. In fact, when a woman explains something, she will often use emotions as legitimate reasons unto themselves. Just “feeling” something to be true is reason enough. Women simply have more acute social triggers deferentially designed into their behavior system due to their need to assess a potential mate’s social value. As a result…

Don’t Try to Convince Her

Don’t bother trying to convince her, argue with her, or engage her in any other way on a purely logical level. Logic should never be used as a motivator in the field, because what a woman thinks she likes, or says she likes, is not necessarily what she responds to in reality.

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Stimulate Her Emotions

The Venusian artist uses emotional stimulation instead of rational discourse. As long as it feels right, your romantic interest will invent her own reasons for what is happening. In other words, a woman will come up with a thousand reasons that she shouldn’t have sex with you—but she will also come up with a thousand reasons for why she did.

Never Be Apathetic

A woman knows how susceptible to persuasion she becomes in an excited emotional state. Often her safeguard is to avoid the risk of becoming emotionally engaged in an interaction where she doesn’t feel trust or safety, or where the man gaming her doesn’t adequately demonstrate a high S-and-R value. After all, allowing a man with low value to influence her emotionally is counterproductive. So engaging a woman on an emotional level, even if it involves a “bad” emotion such as frustration or jealousy, is preferable to not engaging her at all. Instead of only trying to give her “good” emotions while avoiding “bad” ones, stimulate her with a range of feelings including curiosity, fascination, connection, indignation, validation, laughter, embarrassment, happiness, sadness, and fear of value loss. The more she is stimulated, the more compelling the experience will be for her.


Intuition Over Analysis

If a woman wants to determine if you are being real with her, she won’t use logic to analyze what you said for inconsistencies. Instead, she’ll observe your actions to see if you appear congruent with what you are saying. Women follow their intuition over analysis.

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