Lesson 3 : Be Confident

Every man knows that they have to be confident, but how?

If you want to build solid self-confidence with women, then you should understand the fact that self-confidence is a set of beliefs. See more information on how to gain self-confidence

So then, what kind of self-confidence is all the dating experts are talking about?

Many men don’t really get the picture how to be that kind of confident guy that attracts women naturally.

So even though they know they need to be confident but still don’t have any idea how to display the confidence.

I chunk down the exact confidence to you in the below so you get to know what kind of self-confidence attracts women naturally. Read on.


10 kinds of self-confidence that attract women

1. Never get upset

A man who has solid self-confidence with women will never get upset for the obstacles in relationships.

If a woman rejects the date, rejects to give him her phone number, turns off the dating at last minute, etc, he will never get upset.

He understands that women are moody, they are likely to react according to their emotions.

If the woman’s response is not in the expectation, then he just let it be. He won’t care too much about it. He knows there’s always have chance to date her another time.

Here doesn’t mean he keeps pursuing the women who don’t like him. Instead, he just reacts grounded when things are not going in the expected way.

And he secretly knows that women will be attracted to him eventually.

2. Have options

The confident man who is attractive to women will react in a way that implies he has options in choosing women.

In other words, he doesn’t act needy and clingy to the women he likes.

He doesn’t desperately to try to solidify the love relationship.

He even hold himself back to make himself scarce to her, because he knows that always being available doesn’t increase the attractiveness. See: being nice to her doesn’t work

He doesn’t always call her or connect; he connects her only when he is free.

He won’t be desperate if he finds she’s flirting with other guys because he secretly knows that he can attract other women effortlessly.

He knows that he has options.

3. A little bit of arrogance

Nope, women don’t like arrogant guys.

However, a guy who is sexually confident is a bit arrogant. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want; he acts decisively and doesn’t care others’ opinions because he understands that most of the time rejection doesn’t make sense.

When a guy who is confident with a little bit of arrogance will make her feel inferior to him. So she feels he’s so powerful and this makes the guy more attractive than other guys who are merely confident or arrogant.

Overly arrogance will cause the inverse effect; you’ll just need a little bit of arrogance in your attitude.

4. Does not worry about ego

A confident guy does not worry about his ego when approaching women.

He doesn’t worry if the woman rejects to give him her phone number.
He doesn’t worry if the woman doesn’t agree with his opinions.
He doesn’t worry if the woman gives him a nice guy card.

Because he knows that all these won’t happen to him; he knows he’s attractive.

Even if this happens to him, he knows that it’s not the end of the world, he still has options.

That’s not a really big deal to him, not to mention that this is rare to a confident guy, such kind of worry is unnecessary.

5. A sense of humor

The confidence that attracts women should be included with a sense of humor.

When funny and cocky mix together, they will create chemistry in women’s mind. Women like to feel relaxed when they’re around an attractive guy.

A confident guy with a sense of humor will attract women because he’s not only providing a sense of safety and security to her but also make her laugh.

Women like this kind of feeling, they would imagine how happy the life is if they’re being with this cocky and funny guy. See also: How to use humor to attract women


6. A kind of dominance

In my free ebook Relationship Made Simple I explained that dominance is one of the men’s instincts.

Every man should have a kind of dominance because this makes you a real man and increases your attractiveness to women.

You have to be a leader in a love relationship because you’re a man. You’re more domineering and she’s submissive. Therefore, when comes to decision-making you have to make decisions yourself.

Don’t ask her for permission to do something.
Don’t ask her which restaurant you two want to go.
And don’t ask her what to watch when going cinema.

You are the leader and she’s submissive, therefore, you should decide for her and lead her throughout the relationship.

7. A kind of aggression

Sometimes you need a kind of aggression in your attitude to display your self-confidence.

When you’re having a conversation with your peers and you don’t agree with what they said, then you may want to interrupt their talking and express your opinion aggressively to show that you’re serious and confident that what they’re talking is wrong.

Of course, you don’t want to be aggressive that brings negative impact to people such as hurting people. You just need a bit of aggression in your attitude to amplify your self-confidence.

8. A sense of omnipotence

A strong man always feels a sense of omnipotence in himself. He feels that nothing is impossible to him if he really wants to make it.

Women want a masculine and strong man, not a feminine and weak boy, they won’t be attracted to wuss and mama boy.

If you act like a weak man then women don’t feel you’re attractive.

Women want a powerful, superior, and invulnerable man.

If you master the four men’s instincts – hunting, competitive spirit, dominance, and territorial instinct – then you’ll give her a sense of omnipotence and be irresistible to women.

9. A lack of attention 

Like mentioned before, non-neediness is the key in a love relationship.

You don’t want always give her your attention. To be a confident guy that attracts women, you want to limit your attention to her.

Don’t always be available to her. Instead, be scarce, don’t go needy and clingy.

In this article on Holy Taco about how to ruin your relationship stated that, the step 1 to ruin your relationship is being too available to her.

If the woman has solid self-confidence, it’s undoubtedly you’ll get dumped by her eventually if you give too much attention to her.

Be mysterious, don’t show up everything about you to her, let her pursue you to find more about you.

10. Know you’re special

A confident guy understands this fact in a deep sense that he’s unique amongst the guys over there.

He knows he is special, nobody can replace him in any way even if the guy who is richer, taller, fitter, more handsome, more powerful, more famous, you name it – than him.

He knows that if a woman is attracted to him, then she’ll not find the same kind of feeling in other guys.

He is so confident that not many men are as attractive as him, even if the men who are better than him will just never bring the same experience to her in any way. A man who has solid self-confidence knows this in a deep sense.

Source : wealthy love life.

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