Manipulative Head Games

In some form of romantic or sexual relationship, you are engaging in manipulative ‘head games.’ Why are there so many manipulative ‘head games’ employed by both men and women related to dating and relationships and the pursuit of sexual companionship?

Here is a recap of the major games that members of both genders tend to engage in:

Men’s primary manipulative ‘head games’:

  • Men who approach women, and give them the misleading impression that they want a sexual relationship that is both long-term and monogamous, when in reality, these men want a sexual relationship that is short-term or non-monogamous.
  • Men who approach women, and give them the misleading impression that they are only interested in a platonic friendship, when they know deep-down they are interested in some form of romantic or sexual companionship.
  •  Men who offer women financial and non-financial “favors” under the guise of being ‘generous’ and ‘helpful,’ when in reality, they are expecting the women they are helping out to ‘reward’ them with sex.
  • Men who give their spouses or long-term romantic companions the misleading impression that they are “in love” and being monogamous to their partner, when in actuality, they are being unfaithful and having sex with “women on the side.”


Women’s primary manipulative ‘head games’:

  • Women who interact with men under the guise of being genuinely interested in them romantically or sexually, when in reality, they simply want flattering attention, entertaining social companionship, financial and non-financial favors, or a dependable, empathetic listening ear when they are frustrated or bored.
  • Women who ‘cock tease’ men on a regular or semi-regular basis for their own egotistical satisfaction.
  • Women who date and marry men primarily for the man’s level of social status, level of education, career success, or wealth, but in reality, they have no real romantic feelings for these men or no real sexual attraction for these men, and ultimately, they end up being unfaithful to these men and having sex with “men on the side.”
  • Women who pretend to be genuinely interested in a casual sex relationship with a man, when in reality, they really want a relationship that is long-term, emotionally profound, and monogamous.

Some in society say, “Most unwanted pregnancies come from short-term non-monogamous (casual) sex.” Bullshit. Statistics do not back that up. Most of the women I have met who had babies out of wedlock got pregnant while they were in a long-term monogamous “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship.

Some in society say, “Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are more frequently passed around because of casual sex.” Again, I say bullshit. Men and women who fail to practice safe sex and are sexually irresponsible engage in long-term monogamous relationships just as much, if not more, than they do short-term non-monogamous (casual) sex.

Adult film stars are very promiscuous, and they also have some of the lowest rates of STDs of any man or woman in American society (most Adult Film actors and actresses actually get tested for HIV an average of once per month, and they get tested for other STDs an average of once every 2-3 months).

Do your research people. There are a lot more myths and unsubstantiated criticisms and assertions against the concept of casual sex than there are truth, facts, and valid statements.

Here are some of the questions and issues I plan to address in my third paperback:
What are the symptoms of the Madonna / Whore Complex, and how does it affect a man’s attitude and behavior toward women?

What types of women are most receptive to invitations to indulge in casual sex? What type of women will typically have the most adverse reactions to invitations to engage in short-term or non-monogamous sex?

Why are some women totally turned off by sexually provocative conversations and erotic dirty talk, while other women will “pretend” as though they are turned off and offended by sex talk, but in reality, are really turned on by erotically explicit language and sexually provocative conversations?

How can a man identify the “genuine prudes” from the“disingenuous / fake prudes?” Why do women ‘pretend’ to be ‘prudish’ when they are really open-minded, free-spirited, and erotically uninhibited? Why do some women ‘pretend’ to be only interested in long-term monogamous sex when in reality they have and will indulge in short-term non-monogamous sex?

What is “seduction?” When do you really need to truly ‘seduce’ a woman? When can you have sex with a woman without needing to ‘seduce’ her?


How important is your physical appearance in turning women on? How important is your degree of career success or wealth? How important is your sense of humor? What are the primary male attributes you need to possess in order to effectively attract and seduce women into having sex with you?

What is Aural Sex? How can you get a woman sexually aroused simply by using certain words, your voice, and your overall conversational skills?

These are just some of the questions I will address in this book. Hopefully, after reading through it, you will have some of the answers and advice you need to improve your ability to verbally seduce those women who you are most interested in having sex with.
I accept the fact that many of my beliefs, ideas, and philosophies will never be accepted as ‘mainstream’ or ‘All-American’ ideals and values. The concept of all single, heterosexual men exhibiting Mode One Behavior toward women of interest with the primary objective being casual sex severely challenges modern society’s status quo.

In fact, while most men and women will say they want others to be honest, the ironic thing is, few can take it. Quick example: I hear so many women say, “I hate men who are liars. Why do men play so many head games?” but when asked about the idea of men exhibiting Mode One Behavior toward them, and letting them know upfront and straightforwardly that all a man wants is short-term non-monogamous sex, many of the women said, “Well, if all they want is a one-night stand or weekend fling, I would rather they keep their desires to themselves.”

That said, men can have equally ‘subjective’ ideas of what honesty means – most people, men and women would rather hear pleasant, palatable lies than real, raw, straightforward truth. You say you want truth. Do you really?

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