Ready to play the game ?

Dear reader…If you are here because you are seeking a one night plan and cheap tickets please just move on (kind of famous sentence you find in a girl Tinder’s profile).

This Blog could be very misleading for many of you…if its interest is to get you prepared and give you directions for you next Night Parties (through reviews and details about clubs everywhere around the world) …its FIRST target, however, is to build your analysis skills in order to be THE MAN that every woman wants.

I  personally believe that, one night in a club/bar is the best school that one can have to discover the reality of Psychology and sociology, and use this knowledge (simple frequent observations) to develop one’s skills of seduction.

In my blog, I will provide you with different tools : Lessons,  previous experiences and a list of videos (movies, charterers to be inspired from)…Enjoy it !

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