Switching from Loser to Winner state.

Winners have some common traits. Once you start following those traits you can win the game of life.

Trait 1: Attitude

A study was conducted by Harvard university they found that when a person gets a job or promotion 85% of the time its because of his and 15% of the time because of his knowledge and intelligence. The foundation of success regardless of your chosen field is attitude.

You must have heard the story of David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant of a man. He struck fear in everyone’s heart. One day David asked his brother ” why don’t you stand up and fight the giant”? The brothers replied ” Don’t you see he is too big to hit”. But David said” He is not too big to hit, he is too big to miss. The rest is history. David killed the giant with the slingshot. Same giant different perception.

To a positive thinker attitude can be a stepping stone to success. To a negative thinker it can be a stumbling block.

Trait 2: Success

Winners prepare themselves for success. Success is a matter of choice and not chance. Success leaves clues. If we identify and adapt the qualities of successful people we can also become successful.

Successful people don’t give up easily. Once B.C. Forbes said

” History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heart breaking obstacles before they triumphed.

They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.

This reminds me a story of a person. This person failed in business at the age of 21. He was defeated in legislative race at the age of 22. Failed again at business at age 24. His sweet heart died when he was 26. Lost senatorial race at age 45. Lastly, he was elected president of united states of america at age 52. The person was Abraham Lincoln.


As winners tread on the path to success they face many obstacles.

Obstacles to success are:

1. Fear- Fear results in insecurity, lack of confidence and procrastination. It primarily comes from lack of understanding. To live in fear is to live in a emotional prison.

Think of fear as

False Evidence Appearing Real

2. Lack of motivation- motivation is a spark that ignites action. There are two types of motivation. Internal and external motivation. External motivation comes from outside such as money, fame, societal approval or fear.

Internal motivation comes from within such as pride, a sense of achievement, responsibility, and belief.

3. Low self esteem- self esteem is how we feel about ourselves. our opinion of ourselves matter alot.

Develop high self esteem. Let us compare people with high self esteem and low self esteem

High self esteem

1. Talk about ideas

2. Caring attitude

3. Understanding

4. Discuss

5. Givers

Low self esteem

1. Talk about people

2. Citical attitude

3. Greedy, argue, and takers

4. Ego- it is an unhealthy pride that results in arrogance. Healthy pride is a feeling of pleasure of accomplishment with humility

Trait 3 Goal setting

Goals are dreams with a deadline and an action plan.

1. Make definite goals

2. Have a plan to accomplish them.

3 Read the goals and the plan twice a day. This way you will attain your goals.

Goals should be SMART. Here SMART stands for

S- specific

M- measurable

A- achievable

R- realistic

T- time bound


For achieving your goals you have to learn new skills

There are four stages of learning

I remember the way I learned to ride a bike

Stage 1- unconscious Incompetent

At this stage I was not aware that I can’t ride a bike. I was unconscious. The worst part I had no skill to ride a bike. I was incompetent.

Stage 2- Conscious incompetence

After so many trials I came to know I can’t ride a bike. I was conscious of my inability. Still I had no skills to ride a bike. I was incompetent

Stage 3- conscious competence

As I practiced more and more. I was able to ride the bike comfortably. I was conscious about the process. I had developed the skills to ride a bike. I was competent.

Stage 4- unconscious competence

At this stage I don’t have to understand the mechanics of bike riding. It became natural. I could ride the bike like a pro. I was unconsciously competent.

Still people don’t achieve excellence the big reason is lack of vision or limited vision. we need to dream beyond what is possible. Remember, everything we see today such as mobile phones,laptops or internet they all were dreams before they become a reality.

Source : By Samaksh Rawal, Be happy

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