What Makes you the ONE.

What is that a woman actually looks for in a man ?  What are the elements that make him the one she wants.

1 – Good Looking 

Lots of men think they need to be very good looking in order to get more women. That is because looks are a major consideration for men. Beautiful women require a man that is ‘good looking enough’, someone that isnt objectionable, but they don’t have to be gorgeous. In fact, so many women have told me that it is better if the guy is not super-handsome, because it means he is less likely to cheat or to look for someone better. She wants to be the best looking one in the reiationship! Over time, a woman will find your physical imperfections’cute’and, as she falls more in love with you, her attraction to your particular looks will grow.If you are an average looking man reading this, then yes, you can have a beautiful woman who is attracted to you. Sometimes a girl will tell me that one of my friends who is great with women is handsome. Technically, he usually isnt. What she is actually saFng is that she is attracted to this man, and she assumes it is because he is handsome. In fact, she is attracted to his other qualities:

  • His alpha maleness.
  • His unflappabiliry.
  • His powerful frame.
  • His leadership.
  • His sexual confidence.
  • His calmness.


I’ve gone out with students who have gotten bad reactions, and girls have found them unattractive. After some work on their confidence, and after they have gotten some success, the same girls are saying, “‘Wow, he looks really good!” and wondering if he has new clothes, has been working out, or has whitened his teeth. In reality he has done none of this, but is projecting a new self-image. If you have no self-belief, if you think you are useless, you project an ugly self-image. If you think you are the main man, you project an attractive self image and actually become more attractive. I’ve seen this in hundreds of students, and it made me realize that a huge element of attractiveness stems from your state of mind.

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2- Attraction Process :

If you had one hundred men in a room and a beautiful woman came in, how many of those men would sleep with her right there and then based on her looks? I’d estimate around ninety percent. If you reverse the situation, with one hundred women in a room as an attractive man comes in, how many would sleep with him right’there and then? I’m thinking twenty percent or less.

Men make a huge commitment to the woman before they have even spoken to her, based solely on her looks. They would commit to buying a girl a drink, spending the night with her, buying her dinner, going away for the weekend with her, and maybe more – all based solely on her looks. Because of this, it means that when we see an attractive woman we come in too hot,we show her that she cant do much wrong, that we’ve already made our mind up. That is why women say that men are only after one thing, it’s because they have seen the way men look at them as they approach. They put on a smile, and the man has already made up his mind that he wants her, she cant’lose’ him during the conversation, he’s still going to ask for her number. If a man gets a girlfriend, generally he loses attraction after e certain point and is drawn to other women, especially those with the opposite physical looks or character to the one he is with.If he is with a brunette, he will check out blondes more.


A woman’s attraction process is different; she becomes more attracted to a man over time. His imperfections become cute, she gets comfortable with him and his looks become the standard against which she measures what she likes. If you ask a girl to describe what she admires in terms of looks, she’ll often describe the last man she was really fond of.I’ll meet girls who will tell me that I’m not their type, but give it some time and they start describing me as their ideal man and regarding men in the street as attractive because they look like me. The woman’s attraction process is why most relationships happen via the social circle.

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