What You See Is What You Get

Visualizing is in fact the secret. Don’t let the idea of visualizing freak you out. I’m not going to give you some far out ‘spacey’ methods like visualizing crystals while you burn incense. The techniques are easy and very powerful. Visualizing is necessary because that is what using your mind power is. If you know the correct way of seeing something in your mind then it will manifest in the world around. The idea of visualizing puts people off and society gives the same concept two different opinions depending on what makes sense to them.

For example: If a drafts person is designing a house and they have to visualize what they want the house to look like, then this type of visualization isn’t considered ‘esoteric’. If you visualize in the correct way to get someone to fall in love with you, then most people think you are involved in some sort of occult practices. It’s funny how an artist uses visualizing to mold their artwork into what they see and feel in their mind and is sometimes referred to as a ‘gift from God’. On the other hand, when someone uses visualizing to mold their reality into what they see and feel in their mind … they are often called occultist, witches or devil worshipers. It’s all how you look at it. This type of knowledge is my life and it has nothing to do with ‘devil’ types of things. My conclusion after dealing with people’s viewpoints regarding visualizing and the like, is that if it is non-threatening to their egos … then it is considered good. If it threatens their egos and makes them realize that there are other people out there who can create their own realities while their own lives remain messed up … this knowledge is considered negative. I remember my youth when I had to go to Sunday School from time to time. Imagining (visualizing) God and angels and stuff was considered good (I would assume) since they were described much; and to describe something to someone requires the person receiving the info to use their imagination to put together the description. We were often told of bible teachings with the use of strong images and I remember being told to imagine this or that about Jesus. When I mentioned any type of visualizing concepts to my teacher (trying to find answers as a kid) … I was promptly told that I was doing something in the ‘devil’s league’. It was around that time that I learned that if visualizing is used to assist in your reality (e.g. artist, builder, computer designer, composer) then it is accepted. If visualizing is used to create your reality then it is not accepted. Remember that you visualize all the time; everything you do and make first starts in your thoughts, so this is how you are going to use mind power seduction.


Your mind will obey your thoughts and do your bidding. That same part of your mind that takes care of all your bodily functions knows how to interact with the cosmos and energy realms around you. If you see something in your mind’s eye (your imagination) your higher self will go about and manifest it for you. If you hold the thought that you are always in abusive relationships, then your higher self will manifest it for you and you will continue to be in abusive relationships. If you are always holding in your thought that you are exhausted, then your higher self will ensure that you are always ‘burnt out’. If you hold in your thought that you always get lost when you are driving, then your higher self will make it happen. These types of mind power influences come about in strange ways. It’s not so direct because you are not actually using specific techniques to make it happen. Your mind will create your thoughts around you depending on what you hold in your mind’s eye. This doesn’t mean that your life will become totally perfect in every single way.

There still can be some glitches and setbacks and problems. They all can be solved with visualizing but you will find that you will want to use your skill for only certain aspects of your life; meaning that you will only channel it to certain things. In my life, I use these skills for certain things, extremely important things, and I let other areas go ‘as the wind’. I just don’t find it a good use of time to visualize getting all the green lights while driving (no matter how much I get annoyed by red lights every once in a while). I don’t use visualizing to make a store always have sales on my favorite foods … it’s not that important. I even don’t use visualizing to totally eliminate the jerks in my life. I’ve got some real selfish people in my life but I spend my visualizing time on more important things. This is what you must do … choose what is important and put this knowledge into that. The reason why I mention this point is that I have been told by people – if your so good at all this stuff then why haven’t you won the lottery or gotten out of a certain negative situation. You might get this also if you let people in on this type of knowledge. It’s just what you choose to use your mental powers for just like this blog is geared for mind power seduction and not mind power teleportation.


The techniques in this article can only be carried out by you. Some try to get others to do the methods for them but the attempt will fail. Mind power seduction techniques work only for the person who is doing them. The person you are working on might get a little turned on for you but in time the person that your are wanting to seduce will go for the other person and not you! You have to be a part of the procedure because you will have the greatest mental link to that person (you’ve been noticing them, you’ve been craving for them, you want to have a relationship with them deeply on whatever level). This passion creates a very powerful link or connection and others cannot create this for you. Your drive towards that person or your drive to want to have them come to you can create powerful energy between you and the other person.

It is best to focus on one person until you get good at the techniques. Once you have practiced a bit, you can easily influence many different people. Just keep track of your work. You can use your mental seduction ability for whatever your ‘love’ goals are. You might want to narrow in on one person in order to get a steady relationship or you might want to have many different people. Of course, there are some common sense risks with the later. If you use the knowledge in this book to get yourself the perfect mate that you can have a great loving, hot relationship with … then you’ll be all set for life if you want. If you use the knowledge in this book to get yourself many partners and become a ‘love guru’, then I can’t stop you. There are pros and cons for both. Try at first to zero in on one person. This may be a person that you know fully and communicate with or this maybe a complete stranger.


Whether you know the person very well, or they are an acquaintance, or they are a complete stranger … spend a few days planning what to do. A good plan is a great advantage. Don’t be so eager to rush into it. You will get that person, so a few days planning won’t be wasting time. In fact it will be using your time wisely.

There is no need to worry because these techniques in this blog work if you just practice and use them. Also spending a few days or even a week planning your mental strategy tells yourself that you are very capable and very intelligent when it comes to harnessing your mind power. Keep a list of where you’ve seen them the most, their most noticeable features, the clothes they’ve worn that you enjoyed, how they talk, expressions that they use the most, how they hold themselves, how they speak and what their skin looks like. All of this will come in handy. I mean it, make a note on paper of the things above. You don’t need detailed pages but just enough of the things that you notice. Watch them and study them. Don’t follow them or stalk them. You don’t want info on their every move. What you want is to make note of the most noticeable things so when you do your mind power work you will have an easier time visualizing them. You want the stuff that strikes you and the stuff about their body (hair, speech, features, etc) only!! If they are good with children or like to watch television … this is not important.

When you start to use the specific visualizing techniques, you will want to see them as clearly as you can in your mind; as if they were in front of you. You might think that you can remember these noticeable features, but when you get down to the work, you will notice that your ability to visualize will be limited until you practice. It might be hard for you to visualize the sound of their voice but it might be easy to you to visualize the way they do their hair. That is why it is good to have a whole bunch of characteristics ready. As you practice, you will get better at visualizing the person. The reason that you note the place where you see them the most is that if your visualized image of them starts to fade and you can’t seem to hold what they look like in your mind … you can simply imagine the place where you see them the most and then recreate their image before you take them back to your inner world. This will all make sense when you start.

Remember, this is only part of your plan. It would be a good idea to plan your time and just when you will use the techniques. You, of course, want to be spontaneous to your heart’s desires but there are other times that you need to make note of. Make a little plan of the time that you have available for mind power work and stick to that schedule.

If you are using the techniques on a random person who happens to catch your eye, of course you cannot make a plan. The same if you are at a bar or in a public place. If you use some of the in front of the person techniques on someone who catches your eye at random, you will have less of an effect on them until you develop your skill away from the person. Using techniques in the middle of the night while a person sleeps will obviously be more effective than on a person in a supermarket line. As you build more and more skill, then the effect on the person in the supermarket line will be more effective.


When you use my techniques on a person, they will feel like it is their own idea. You’ve been in a public place and had the idea that someone was very attractive to you, you felt drawn to them… but that didn’t make you go for them. Maybe you had to go, maybe they were in the next car going the opposite way down the street. Maybe they were in a crowd and didn’t even see you.

You still felt drawn to them but you didn’t go up to them. It was your own idea but you didn’t approach them. When you are in a crowded place (for example) and you use mind seduction techniques on a person, they might not drop everything and come running to you. They still might feel attracted to you but maybe they have to go, or maybe they are going the opposite way.

Because you didn’t get them does not mean that you were unsuccessful … it’s just the reality of the situation. Not everybody is going to come running to you if you are both just ‘passer-byers’. Just like in the same way that you don’t go running to every person you are attracted to throughout the day. There is a little more advantage if you are in a place where you have an opportunity to meet this stranger or if you know you might see them someplace again. These are the opportunities. Even just seeing a person once, if you know you will see them again, put your techniques to full force. They will think about that first moment seeing you and then things will start to develop as they see you here and there again.

A good example of this is if you are in school or at work. There are all sorts of opportunities to see a particular person again and again. Their thoughts (your influence) will begin to develop and then increase. If you interact with them every once in a while then things will develop quicker. If you never talk to them but just see them frequently, they will still develop strong feelings for you but a step will have to happen to bring you two to start talking or something. If they are a stranger that you see often, you could be totally influencing them for weeks and they still might not have enough guts to come and talk to you (even though they feel extremely drawn to you).


There are some signs that you will notice (a later articles) to show that your influence is taking effect, but you might have to make the first move. I don’t mean ‘coming on’ to them if they are a stranger; in fact you don’t need to come on to them at all. If they are shy, just say ‘Hi’ to them or make a connection or small talk while you continue your daily mind power influence. Then the next time you see them, you can have a quick chat again. As you say your hellos to them the odd time you see them, don’t show any sign of attraction to them. Let the feelings keep develop within them and let them come to you. It will happen on its own as you continue the influence.


If you two are strangers and you are influencing them, there is also a good chance that they might not be so shy and that they will approach you will a little ‘Hi’ or something. Keep remembering (and I’ll keep telling you) that they will feel drawn to you under their own accord. This is the most natural process of these seduction techniques because the person will feel like it is their own idea and they won’t feel like anybody is controlling or swaying them. When it is natural like this it is more effective, longer lasting, and highly creative. If you are on a bus and you use these techniques on someone, they won’t turn around and make love to you right there. But if you let it develop naturally it will develop quickly and it will happen.

If you are practicing the techniques (which I am slowly revealing) on a person that you know quite well, you will see results much quicker. You will have more opportunity to see the signs, more opportunity to influence them directly in front of them, and you will have more opportunity to let them come to you. I’m just trying to give you a rough idea on what to expect but of course you will come across every variation yourself. And of course, the more skilled you get at it, the better the results. If your skill is very fine tuned, you can have every person you frequently or casually interact with … plus complete strangers may approach you the moment they see you!

Reach for this goal if you want. It takes time to get this good but it can happen with practice, determination, creativity and patience.

To be continued….


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