What Makes you the ONE.

What is that a woman actually looks for in a man ?  What are the elements that make him the one she wants. 1 - Good Looking  Lots of men think they need to be very good looking in order to get more women. That is because looks are a major consideration for men. Beautiful... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Your Masculinity

Contrary to the prevailing sentiments of the last few decades, it is OK to be a guy. Men born after World War II had the misfortune of growing up during the only era of recent western history in which it was not always a good thing to be male. This was primarily the result of... Continue Reading →

Ready to play the game ?

Dear reader…If you are here because you are seeking a one night plan and cheap tickets please just move on (kind of famous sentence you find in a girl Tinder’s profile). This Blog could be very misleading for many of you…if its interest is to get you prepared and give you directions for you next Night... Continue Reading →

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