What Makes you the ONE.

What is that a woman actually looks for in a man ?  What are the elements that make him the one she wants. 1 - Good Looking  Lots of men think they need to be very good looking in order to get more women. That is because looks are a major consideration for men. Beautiful... Continue Reading →

Casanova, The Ladies Man

”I have loved women to a frenzy,” the 18th-century writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova wrote in his huge memoir, ”History of My Life.” And indeed he did. By one count, Casanova made love to 132 women during his life, a large number, at least by the preinflationary standards of the day.

Reclaiming Your Masculinity

Contrary to the prevailing sentiments of the last few decades, it is OK to be a guy. Men born after World War II had the misfortune of growing up during the only era of recent western history in which it was not always a good thing to be male. This was primarily the result of... Continue Reading →

Ready to play the game ?

Dear reader…If you are here because you are seeking a one night plan and cheap tickets please just move on (kind of famous sentence you find in a girl Tinder’s profile). This Blog could be very misleading for many of you…if its interest is to get you prepared and give you directions for you next Night... Continue Reading →

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